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Fabius Township is blessed with wonderful water resources including our many fragile, yet very ecologically important wetland areas.  We are committed to protecting these wetlands and encourage all of our residents to join us in this effort.

Committee Chairman

  • Mara Kore

(see directory page for additional contact information)

Our committee membership includes: 

  • Richard Bowser
  • Judy Eifert
  • Kay Hokanson
  • Rachel Kopka
  • Ron Johnson
  • Lois Weed

This page has links to our wetlands ordinance, permit application, as well as several informative documents.  Please contact us with any questions and thanks for visiting our page.

If you are mailing information, permit applications, or checks to us, please use the following address:
P.O. Box 455
Three Rivers, MI  49093

Wetlands Protection Ordinance

Ord 70-90-93-120 Wetlands Protection Ordinance

Wetlands Permit Application

Wetlands Permit Application

Reference Material